Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12 month Intern opp from ex-grad

Opportunity coming through from exgrad who is now Design Manager at Unilever in Leeds. They will soon be looking for a 12 month intern as part of the design team. Running from August 2012 .'They'd work full time for 12 months, salary of around 17k, working on personal care packaging projects as well as disruptive innovation projects. We'd need portfolios by 2nd April. It's an amazing opportunity for the right student, working directly with the world's best agencies as well as getting a good foundation in manufacturing processes.
Most important for us is to find switched-on designers who can quickly get their head around different brand personalities, design for consumers and then follow it though into CAD etc (We'll teach them CAD, but they'll need to be capable of becoming fully operational fairly quickly).
Hope you've got some guys who fit the bill! Geoff"
If your interested then speak to Craig

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