Friday, June 1, 2012

Important L6

L6. Keep working hard:). Okay, chat with Nigel, Andrew and John Cocksedge next week if you need advice on your A3 boards etc. then you will have time to tweak before you do the final print! Also i am not around next week so any further A1s just hand to John and i will print them on the monday before the show. Make sure you are around the Monday and Tuesday 11th and 12th to help with all the show set up. We will meet at Centenary on the Monday AM where we will devise a plan of action. Well done with your help so far, but we still have lots to do! Also there is an opportunity to display some of your sketches on the giant screens so if you are interested in this possibility then scan some of your best sketches (about 4 sketch sheets) in at high res and and pass them to John on Wednesday 6th...

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