Thursday, January 17, 2013

Product Sketch: Racing Wheelchair

Product Sketch: Racing Wheelchair:
sketch, doodle, racing wheelchair
This is a first time sketching a product like this, that has quite difficult shape due to angled circles and many small details. So, today I tried to create some doodles of a racing wheelchair – these are my scribbles that I made while exploring the shapes this product is made of.

While looking at some pictures of a racing wheelchair, I took a ballpoint pen and started to create fast sketches and hoped that in the end it will look like a racing wheelchair. The hardest part was to draw angled circles that in the perspective were ellipses. As you know, that ellipses and I are not quite best friends, so I tried to do my best.
After these kind of doodles, the next step is to create more detailed and precise sketches.
sketch, doodle, racing wheelchair
Scanned some sketches
sketch, doodle, racing wheelchair

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