Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Designers Take To Blogging – 2013 Electrolux Design Lab

Designers Take To Blogging – 2013 Electrolux Design Lab:
One of the biggest draws about this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition is that they are giving a chance to explain their ideas and improvise on them through their personalized blogs. For example, the picture here seems to be vague and imaginative, but when you read the blog created by designer Adrian Perez Zapata, then you really get to understand why he thought of creating an automated cleaning system, consisting of hundreds of micro-robots.
Mab is a self-cleaning system consisting of 908 robots, which clean the surface of a floor with a drop touching and trapping the dirt particles on the floor. Another great designer blog to explore is the AirBee by Jiří Krišica. Jiří goes into intricate details regarding his concept and validates his thinking. To Vote and read through all the designer blogs head here.

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