Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Job Opp for a Grad

You may remember me, I graduated from Salford around 15 years! Nice to see you are still around Nigel.

I’m now Head of Design for a lighting manufacturer just North of Manchester and we are looking for a new Lighting product designer.

Based upon my knowledge of the course at Salford I thought you guys might be able to provide suitable candidates for the course.

Would you be able to ask anyone who is interested to contact me please so that I can provide more details?

The basic job description is as follows :

· Provide customer based solutions based around ACDC Lighting Portfolio.

· Deliver original and innovative architectural LED lighting product designs for manufacture (using software eg SolidWorks) to deliver physical lighting products from a brief which are visually attractive and practically functional to the required specifications, budgets and timescales.

· Design products to respond to customer requirements from initial brief, either through modification of existing ranges or creation of a new product.

· Seek involvement from colleagues internally and externally to contribute ideas and solutions at the design stage and incorporate these in the overall first stage design.

· Create concepts, sketches, mock-ups, 3D models as required – designing by hand, physical models and using software (eg SolidWorks).

· Communicate (presentation, email etc) outputs to customer/internal sales team and liaise to refine designs as required by presenting designs to customers at ACDC site or at customer premises, (as required).

· Apply knowledge of constraints to designs eg temperature, thermal testing, photometrics, installation restrictions etc to ensure designs are produced to customer requirements and meet all necessary manufacturing guidelines.

· Respond to feedback and refine design as required by parties engaged in the appraisal of the prototype/visual/3D model etc, present further re-designs and ensure final refinements to the satisfaction of all parties, prior to approval for production

We are looking for someone to start at the end of July latest.

If you could let me know if you think the details above would be of interest to any of your students, either from the undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Any interest see Nigel or Craig

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