Thursday, January 27, 2011

A bag for barkeeps

A bag for barkeeps: "


Every time you turn around they've opened a new cocktail bar a few blocks away from you. I realize this is not a popular view, but I hate cocktails. Gin, whisky and vodka distilleries have spent hundreds of years getting their formulas right, then we go and muck it up by adding pomegranate juice and Maraschino cherries? No thank you. Cocktails were popular and necessary during Prohibition, when all we had was vile-tasting bathtub moonshine that needed masking with fruit juice so you wouldn't realize it was making you go blind.

Anyways I used to say there's a blog for everything, now it seems there's a bag for everything. Specialty bag company Moore & Giles has just released the Meehan Utility Bag & Bar Rollup, a traveling bag for mixologists so they can travel from bar to bar peddling their evil alchemical wares.

It only costs $740 and you can carry it in your right hand. In your left hand you can carry the Hell in a Handbasket this country's going to. Bottoms up, everyone!


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