Monday, January 24, 2011

"Turnstyle": Turntable Reinterpretation by R.D. Silva

"Turnstyle": Turntable Reinterpretation by R.D. Silva: "


Stripping products down to bare essentials can become something of an obsession for modern day designers. Only last month we saw legendary product reinterpreter Daniel Weil's 'Clock for an Architect,' a tribute to deconstruction and inner-workings.

Flying the flag for minimalist rearrangments this year is a designer going by the name of R.D. Silva—taking aim this time at the record player. Although arguably not as minimal as Charles Pyott's 'Linos' concept, the skeletal copper 'Turnstyle' certainly has some charm. Top marks for actually managing to make the thing too.



(Via Zeutch)


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