Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Good way to Observe Ellipses

A Good way to Observe Ellipses: "

Ellipses can be one of the most challenging parts of sketching. Not only is getting the right degree and perspective tough, but getting a smooth consistent line is a whole other story.

Fortunately JESTER, one of our awesome users in the forums came up with a neat way to show how ellipses work. By simply finding a clear or transparent cylindrical object and applying some tape along the cross-section at evenly spaced intervals, it’s easy to see how ellipses work and behave at varying viewpoints. It’s a pretty effective way to remind yourself how they look in perspective when you’re trying to sketch that sick design full of ellipses.

Here are a couple other resources on the site as well for you to check out. Of course, you can always email me – spencer [at] idsketching [dot] com for help or questions. I may not get back immediately, but I usually do get back.

The Sketch Lab

Some Ellipse Basics

Primitive Combinations


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