Monday, May 9, 2011

CCA Junior Critiques at frog's San Francisco studio

CCA Junior Critiques at frog's San Francisco studio: "

frog design San Francisco hosted two days of California College of the Arts Industrial Design critiques this week for the course "Craft and the Hand Tool" which was co-taught by frog Executive Creative Director, Max Burton. Students were assigned a category of hand tool, such as kitchen, or garden, and, working in small teams, had to develop a brand and a collection of tools that would solve a system of problems. The final deliverable was a professional "pitch" style presentation highlighting functional models.

The final presentations were given to a panel of professionals including Sandrine Lebas, Creative Director of Lunar Design, Mike Simonian, founder of Mike & Maaike, Jonah Becker, founder of One & Co, Kyle Swen, founder of Astro, and myself, Michael DiTullo, Creative Director at frog. We look at dozens of portfolios every week, largely filled with CAD models, and seeing presentations filed with real things was beyond refreshing.

Some of the standout pieces were PickNick, by Rachel Gant and Kevin Hsieh, which featured a collection of fun, simple picknic items. This collection included a coaster that had a simple wooden spike on the bottom to stay level on grass which the critic felt was ready to go to production with a bit more refinement. Often it is the simple ideas that are the most impactful. This team also put together a fantastic website for their project.

The Fast Forward collection, which focused on Injury recovery by Ethan Dale, Duff Ryan, Manny Pagkalinawan and Haley Toelle for active lifestyles did a great job of bringing design to a category that is typically ignored. Haley's dynamic ice pack was particularly nicely made, and I would expect nothing less from our frog intern, who is continuing on to be an intern at Nike over the summer.

Play Pods by Rosalie Wild, Janet Lee and Ji Hyun Hwang was amazing in that they built full size prototypes that could be jumped on by 8 year olds that looked clean, professional, fun, and had a high level of design integrity. It is nice to see a level of design brought to a collection of toys that can also deliver on an open and fun play pattern.

See more on the CCA blog

Full list of presenters:

Composer (bartending)

Justin Crandall, Nuri Kim and Marisol Burgueno

Grow Up (Vertical Gardening)

Max Pollock, John Por, Peter Danzig and Mariko Hirasawa

Toolbox Toys (Kid's Tools)

Gene Friend, Rocco Li and Christine Kim

Picknick (picnic tools)

Rachel Gant and Kevin Hsieh

Manifest (Guerilla Gardening)

Daye Kim, Kent Huang, Jason Kabanas and Jeni Tu

Fast Forward (Injury recovery)

Ethan Dale, Duff Ryan, Manny Pagkalinawan and Haley Toelle

Ricetta (Culinary Students)

Zara Dramov and Evelyn Kao

Play Pods (Kid's Exercise)

Critics Panel:

Michael DiTullo, Remy Labesque, Anton Ljunggren - frog

Lea Kobeli, Geoff Baldwin, and Sandrine Lebas - Lunar

Jonah Becker & Tung Chiang - One and Co

Kyle Swen & Brandon Lynne - Astro

Mike Simonian - Mike and Maaike


Karson Shadley, Caleb Rabinowitz , Chris Luomanen, & Max Burton


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