Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Nice research info graphic further down the page on this article. DrawHappy: "

In asking [100] people, locals and tourists alike, what made them happy, Catherine Young realized that one of the most universal and clearest ways to record their responses was to ask them to draw what made them happy. Drawing is one of the earliest skills we learn; its basic elements are comprehensible to people of all ages, cultures and nations. Catherine reasoned that if people knew that they were happy, they should be able to identify the source and moreover, visually embody this joy.

Here’s one the submitted drawings that made me smile:

Eating with friends by Desire Go.

One hundred six submissions into this project, she has decided to visualize what she has learned so far. Behold, an infographic:

(click to view large)

Catherine presented this as a final project for Nicholas Felton’s Information Visualization class at the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Interaction Design program.

This is an ongoing project. If you would like to Draw Happy, yes, please do! Check the Submit page for details.

(thank you Liz)


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