Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Braun turns 90, keeps it pretty darn quiet

Braun turns 90, keeps it pretty darn quiet: "


Tomorrow is the 90th anniversary of Braun, the Ramsian powerhouse of clean design that, yes, has been around since 1921 and was founded by Max Braun.

After Max died in the '50s, sons Artur and Erwin Braun developed Braun Design, the dedicated design branch, in 1955. And then apparently some guy named Dieter came along and sort of, like, changed the face of industrial design as we know it, ushered in a German design renaissance and planted influences that we still see in products today.

With typical German restraint, Braun has no splashy banners all over their homepage announcing the anniversary. They do, however, have a sexy slideshow of their design hits posted here.



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