Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DISCUSSIONS: Debate on Design Plagiarism

DISCUSSIONS: Debate on Design Plagiarism: "

The latest product design debate to catch my attention over on the Core boards was started last year and has been reinvigorated as of this morning. It's entitled 'A Lovely Bit of Plagiarism,' started by user Holtag. First, check out this Alienware gaming PC:


Next, take a look at this power washer:


For shame!

Reading through the opinions shows that some readers are bothered; some aren't bothered at all; some come out in defense of the power washer's design; still others sound off with depressing tales that might be familiar to some of you, like ones about the 'clients who take a Nokia phone out of their pockets and say, make my stud finder...look like this.'

What do you think, is this a design crime or a sign o' the times?


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