Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toy Design: Cubelets, modular robotic blocks

Toy Design: Cubelets, modular robotic blocks: "


If the company Modular Robotics existed years ago, and if my memory of grammar school serves me correctly, here's what would have happened: Most of us would be playing with Legos; one kid would be playing with the Cubelets seen in the video below; then we would all beat that one kid up, out of some primal sense of inferiority or insecurity. And we probably wouldn't even take his toy, but just break it.

Cubelets are modular, robotic little bricks that perform different mechanical and sensorial tasks. You snap them together and the Sense Blocks become the 'input'--i.e. detecting proximity, responding to physical stimuli--and the Action Blocks provide the output, i.e. moving, rotating, making noise.

Retail Cubelets will be produced in colors, but the prototypes seen in the video are monochrome. They are all black. To mirror the darkness that lurks within the hearts of children.


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