Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nuance, New Delivery System Filling the Gap for Dental Assistants

Nuance, New Delivery System Filling the Gap for Dental Assistants: "


RKS Design teamed up with Discus Dental to launch a new product to aid dental assistants while repairing and filling teeth -- combining a universal composite material with a simple but effective delivery system. RKS' improvements on this system include tactile and audible feedback recording the amounts of material being dispensed. The syringe also has a screw mechanism and fully integrated measurement system accomplishing extrusion with about half the force needed for other composites. The syringe itself is designed to rest naturally and stand on its end for easy access for the technician. In addition to accessibility, the syringe has an attached flip-top to protect the composite material from polymerization in ambient light, bacterial and particle contamination.

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